South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition is conducted with the primary principal of absolute anonymity. To respect the principal of confidentiality, the Judges will not be made aware of the actual Rums they are tasting and evaluating (Rum name, origin, retail selling price or scores Awarded).

South African Rum Jury – Rum Competition evaluation process will take place in Gauteng on the  26th November 2019  and the Convenor will select the appropriate location for the Judges to evaluate the Entries. 

The Rum Tasting and evaluation will be hosted in a private and remote location, with excellent illumination and ventilation. Only South African Rum Jury Management team, with the approval of the Convenor, can have access to the Judges’ evaluation room.

There is a secondary staging room that is off limits to the Judges, which is used to prepare the Products and ensure that nobody has any knowledge of the Rums that they are tasting and evaluating. All Rums are blindly and carefully evaluated by our panel of Judges and scored in the following areas:


Visual impressions 10 points

Olfactory impressions – Nosing 20 points

Impressions on taste 50 points

Overall general impressions and finish 20 points

Total points awarded 100 points



The Competition will be recognising the following distinctions: Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Diplomas.

The Winners and Medal recipients have the right to use the Competition name – “South African Rum Jury  – Rum Tasting” to communicate to the Trade and Consumer exclusively in relations to the Awards they have received.

The Medals can only be used and referenced in conjunction with the year it was Awarded. If for whatever reason these Regulations are not respected, the Event Organiser will be within its right to disqualify and pursue to the fullest extent of the Law.



The South African Rum Jury reserves the unilateral right to cancel any incomplete or erroneous entry. It also reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not comply with the South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition Guidelines. If there is any doubt regarding the chemical composition of an entry, the Event Organiser reserves the right to conduct a chemical analysis to validate specifications of a given Entry.

The Event Organiser will hold the Product Bottles received for the South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition for a period of six months and will not return them to the Company that entered them. After six months has passed, it is the sole discretion of the Event Organiser to define how it will dispose if the Product Bottles. It is understood that the Event Organiser will not and cannot commercially sell these Products.

Any breach of the South African Rum Jury– Rum Tasting Competition Guidelines may result in a disqualification, suspension or elimination from participating in future Competitions. This will be defined and is at the sole discretion of the Convenor of the South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition. All communications regarding any breach and respective sanctions will be communicated via email to