25 February 2020, Randpark Golf Club

Rum is tonic that clarifies the vision, and sets things in true perspective.


There are many Rum Shows, Rum Festivals, Rum Gardens etc., but none of them actually exist to assist the Trade in appreciating the Rum Category of drinks.

South African Rum Jury is an Industry led and focussed event that will help everyone, be they Distillers/Owners, Bartenders/Owners, Retailers, Brand Ambassadors, Sales staff etc., to understand Rum.

How can we expect the Consumer to understand this Category if we do not have direction and knowledge of the Category, styles and products available in Southern Africa and the World.


Randpark Golf Course,

1 Setperk Road, Randpark.


Blind Tasting: 26 November 2019

Conference & Award Ceremony: 4-5 February 2020


  • Promote and increase the awareness of Sugarcane based Rum products in Southern Africa.
  • Increase awareness of the Rum production process amongst Trade and Consumers.
  • Assist Consumers and Trade in how to distinguish and enjoy the best Rums from around the World.
  • Showcase and highlight “Best in Class” Companies and Brands in the Rum industry.


The Event Organiser will be recognising Winners and presenting Awards in the Categories outlined below. It is the responsibility of each Company to indicate the correct Category for each Entry. The Category indicated in the on-line process needs to be consistent with the information contained on the labels and/or promotional information for each Rum. The basic Categories for the Competition are as follows:

PURE SINGLE RUM – Molasses + 100% Batch (POT) Still Distillation

This is a Molasses-based Rum from a Single Distillery/Estate, and distilled only from a Pot Still. (“batch” distillation)
Aged < 3 Years Aged  3 – 6 Years Aged > 6 Years

PURE SINGLE SUGARCANE RUM – Sugarcane Juice + 100% Batch (POT) Still Distillation

This is a Sugarcane Juice Rum from a Single Distillery/Estate using their own Sugarcane, and distilled only from a Pot Still. (“batch” distillation)

Aged < 3 Years Aged  3 – 6 Years Aged > 6 Years

SINGLE BLENDED – Blend of Traditional Column and Pot Still

Aged < 3 Years Aged  3 – 6 Years Aged > 6 Years

TRADITIONAL RUM – Traditional Column Still Distillation

Aged < 3 Years Aged  3 – 6 Years Aged > 6 Years

MODERN RUM – Modern / Industrial Multi-Column Distillation

Aged < 3 Years Aged  3 – 6 Years Aged > 6 Years

A.O.C. MARTINIQUE RHUM AGRICOLE – Martinique Rum has its own classification.

Pure = 100% Pot Still Rum   Single = Single Distillery   A.O.C. = Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée


Cachaca Un-aged / Cachaca Aged

Spiced Rum Spirit Aperitif with variants based on Alcohol strength

Fruit Flavored Rum Spirit Aperitif with variants based on Alcohol strength

Overproof Rum (Alcohol Strength >= 65% ABV or 130 Proof)

RTD ((Ready To Drink)

Rum Cream (Lactose base)


Randpark Golf Club, 1 Setperk Road, Randpark

Randpark Golf Club is the ultimate urban golf destination on par with excellence!

With two of the best manicured courses in South Africa, as well as separate mashie course, Randpark’s uniquely different.

FirethornBushwillow and Creek 9 courses, offer golfers of varying ability an unforgettable experience.

Carrie Adams

Sarah Holloway

Mia Laubsher

Martin Wannell

Tawanda Marume

Dominic Walsh

Jason Duganzich

Peter Good

Julian Short



The Rum Competition Convenor, Mr. Andrew Kiloh – The RumBro – will select the Judging Panel.

The mission of the Convenor is to ensure the integrity of the Competition, whilst guaranteeing that the Products submitted are held anonymously.

The Convenor approves the opening of the second Product Bottle if necessary.

The Convenor approves the opening of the next Product Bottle for entrance into the “Best on Show” Category.

The Convenor secretly documents the scoring and feedback from Judges. These results will be held under lock and key until the Industry Enrichment Conference to be held on the 4th February 2020. Winners will then have the opportunity of using the 2020 award labels for the entire year,


South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition participants can be any Rum Brand(s) that completes the on-line registration process and confirms and verifies that the Alcohol base of product being submitted is manufactured from 100% Sugarcane.


The labelling of all Rum Product entries must comply with the Rum Tasting Competition – General Rules and Regulations.

The labelling of all Rum Product entries must comply with current Country of origin Manufacturing Laws.

The labelling of all Rum Products must comply with South African Import Regulations.


Confirm Registration by completing the on-line Registration Form.

The Registration process must be completed for each individual Product/Entry. 

All entries must present 2 (two) Product Bottles for the Judges to evaluate.

Entries will be accepted and included in the Competition if Registration is completed and the Products are physically received before 23rd  Novemebr 2019

Competition Rules


Once an Entry has been submitted and paid, it is understood that the participant has read, understood and accepted the South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition Guidelines. Once Registered the Event Organiser will not reimburse the Registration Fee and/or expenses incurred in sending Products or presenting paperwork.


The Rum Tasting Competition is open to all Rum Brands from all Countries around the World.

There is no limit to how many Rum Products can be entered into the Rum Tasting Competition by the same Company, but each Rum Product must be Registered separately.

Each Registration Form must be completed on-line by an authorised Representative of the Brand, guaranteeing that the Rum was produced only from fermented Sugarcane Juice or its derivatives. 

Products made from Beet Molasses, Sorghum or Corn Syrup will not be allowed in this Competition.

The same Rum Product will not be allowed in two or more different Categories.

Rum Products must be commercially available – not necessarily only in South Africa. 

Rum Products submitted with labels lacking a Commercial Barcode and/or Distributor or Importer information will not be allowed. 

The Event Organiser reserves the right to test the Rum Products submitted against those available through Liquor Stores.


All Brands/Variants interested in participating in the South African Rum Jury 2019 – Rum Tasting Competition must register on-line: www.rumjury.co.za

Once the on-line registration is completed and approved, all participants must comply with all the Rules, Regulations and Guidelines of the Rum Tasting Competition in order to be included in the Judging and Awarding process.

The Registration Fee is R1000 per Product/Entry. All shipping costs for the Product Bottles remain the sole responsibility of the participating Companies. The deadlines for receiving Rum Products for the Competition are as follows:

Registration Fee for Entries received before  20th November 2019 is R1000/Entry.

Registration fee for entries received between 21st  and 23rd November 2019 is R1250/Entry.

Complete Registration process, including physical reception and payment must be complete prior to the 23rd November 2019 deadline. If not, the entries will be disqualified.

No Entries will be accepted after 23rd November 2019.

It is required to send two (2) Product Bottles of each Entry. The Product Bottles need to be Registered to sell in South Africa. Companies that do not send the requested number of Product Bottles will be automatically removed from the Competition. 

Shipments of South African Registered Entries that originate from within South Africa can be sent to:

Andrew Kiloh – The RumBro, 1 Appian Place, 373 Kent Ave, Ferndale, Randburg 2194

Conditions & Specifications


South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition is conducted with the primary principal of absolute anonymity. To respect the principal of confidentiality, the Judges will not be made aware of the actual Rums they are tasting and evaluating (Rum name, origin, retail selling price or scores Awarded).

South African Rum Jury – Rum Competition evaluation process will take place in Gauteng on the  26th November 2019  and the Convenor will select the appropriate location for the Judges to evaluate the Entries. 

The Rum Tasting and evaluation will be hosted in a private and remote location, with excellent illumination and ventilation. Only South African Rum Jury Management team, with the approval of the Convenor, can have access to the Judges’ evaluation room.

There is a secondary staging room that is off limits to the Judges, which is used to prepare the Products and ensure that nobody has any knowledge of the Rums that they are tasting and evaluating. All Rums are blindly and carefully evaluated by our panel of Judges and scored in the following areas:

Visual impressions

Olfactory impressions 

Impressions on taste 

Overall impressions and finish 

Total points awarded 

10 points

Nosing 20 points

50 points

20 points

100 points


The Competition will be recognising the following distinctions: Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Diplomas.

The Winners and Medal recipients have the right to use the Competition name – “South African Rum Jury  – Rum Tasting” to communicate to the Trade and Consumer exclusively in relations to the Awards they have received.

The Medals can only be used and referenced in conjunction with the year it was Awarded. If for whatever reason these Regulations are not respected, the Event Organiser will be within its right to disqualify and pursue to the fullest extent of the Law.


The South African Rum Jury reserves the unilateral right to cancel any incomplete or erroneous entry. It also reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not comply with the South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition Guidelines. If there is any doubt regarding the chemical composition of an entry, the Event Organiser reserves the right to conduct a chemical analysis to validate specifications of a given Entry.

The Event Organiser will hold the Product Bottles received for the South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition for a period of six months and will not return them to the Company that entered them. After six months has passed, it is the sole discretion of the Event Organiser to define how it will dispose if the Product Bottles. It is understood that the Event Organiser will not and cannot commercially sell these Products.

Any breach of the South African Rum Jury– Rum Tasting Competition Guidelines may result in a disqualification, suspension or elimination from participating in future Competitions. This will be defined and is at the sole discretion of the Convenor of the South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition. All communications regarding any breach and respective sanctions will be communicated via email to info@rumjury.co.za


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All Entries, Exhibitors and participants in the South African Rum Jury – Rum Competition will not hold liable the Event Organiser, or the Event itself, in the eventuality of an independent or involuntary event beyond its control were to impede the effective execution of the South African Rum Jury – Rum Tasting Competition and/or South African Rum Jury Industry Conference overall. The South African Rum Jury reserves the right to cancel the Event, modify the dates (cut short or prolong) and/or modify conditions in the case of a Force Majeure (Fire, flooding, natural catastrophes, strike, terrorist acts etc…). Entries, Exhibitors and/or participants cannot hold the Event Organiser responsible for any reimbursement or compensation.